Rules and Regs are not always the best part of a web site but they need to exist so everyone knows how the site runs and what is expected of everyone. By opening an account with TFPModels you agree to abide by these rules, if you do not agree with the comments below, please delete your account.

This site is a Time For Print website and the general idea is for various people to get together and create some great stunning images without anyone having to pay for services from anyone else in the group.

General Conduct:

BE NICE!, people have opinions and any insults, bullying or belittling of members will not be tolerated.

Admin will have the final say in whether an action has been deemed as unacceptable and will take a appropriate action.

Do not share personal information with anyone, passwords etc will NEVER be requested by admin. It is not a good idea to use the same password on this site that you use elsewhere.

All members of this group must be respectable to each other, any complaints to Admin will be dealt with ASAP. This is a site for people to get together to create some great images, not a dating site. If you have a problem with a member, please do not pursue the problem with them, get in touch with admin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. showing evidence of any conversations and we will deal with it. (see disputes below)


Image content:

There are a few TFP models that will pose nude but note that usually TFP images do not usually involve any nudity, there are not many models that will pose fully naked without some sort of payment, do not ask for models to pose in anyway that they have not agreed to either before or during a photoshoot. Images showing sexually orientated, pornography or implied sexual positions will not be tolerated on this site, this includes any links to such sites. If you come across such images, please report to admin and they will be deleted if they go against the rules and ethos of the site. Please do not post nudity on this site, under 18's who want to be photographers or models may come across the site and they are no expecting to see a load of porn, not exactly a great advert for the industry is it?


Any images shown on your portfolio MUST be yours to show and MUST be TFP images. Copyright of an image usually resides with the photographer so it is a good idea that everyone taking part in the photoshoot signs some sort of release to say it okay for images to be used on a portfolio by all involved. The need to show a release form is highly unlikely but always a good idea to have just in case.


Members must be a minimum of 18 years of age or over. Models can be under 18 but must have their parent's / carer's permission and the portfolio must be controlled by the legal guardian. Any member under the age of 18 must also state this fact in their description regardless of what part you play in the shoot, ie model, photographer, MUA etc, Any photoshoot involving someone under the age of 18 MUST have a legal guardian present at all times. Please note that this is not just an uncle, auntie or friend of the family, it is the person who is registered as the parent/carer for the child. Although we are not legally responsible to anything that happens at a photoshoot, members found not abiding by this will have their membership terminated as we fell this rule is very very ..... very important.

Members under the age of 18 must not tick yes to Genres "Lingerie, Glamour, Boudoir, Topless, Implied Topless, Implied Nude, Fine Art Nude

Profiles must be of the individual person who holds the account (profiles of under 18's must be run by legal guardian) Partnership accounts such as photographer/MUA, twin models is acceptable.

Only show images that represent you in this site, if you are a photographer only show images you have shot yourself, if you are a model only show images of you, if you are an MUA only show images of your work ........ you get the idea.

Members under the age of 18 are prohibited from displaying images that are mature or to be considered too provocative or revealing. This includes any level of nudity or clothing considered sheer or revealing or any depiction of sexuality inappropriate for a minor as determined by the Admin.

Image and Content:

Here at TFP Models we moderate images to ensure that the ethos of the site is respected by all. Any images deemed unacceptable by the moderators will be deleted and the member responsible notified. Should the member re-offend the risk the possibility of their account with us being terminated. If the member is a subscribing member, there will be no refund on any outstanding amount.

Upload size guidelines:

Ignorance is not an excuse to post obscene images, it is obvious to anyone what would be deemed as unacceptable to be viewed by someone under the age of 18, 16 or even 11. Just in case you are not sure:



The forums are a great place to converse and get to know each other, it can though lead to some heated discussions.

When you post any comments please ensure they are:


This section is for you to put up your castings when looking for a model, photographer, MUA or hair stylist etc. If you come across any request for payment in the post, inform Admin who may delete the post and give warning to the offending member if seen to go against or rules.

When posting a casting please ensure you include at the beginning of the message, where and when and then a description ie Title : Model needed - Brighton, UK and then what you need for the shoot and when in the post itself (include levels as well).

When contact is made with any member please be honest and clear with regards to expectations. Levels should be clear in the casting post but if levels are to be discussed, make sure this is one of the first things you talk about, many models will not take of any clothes what so ever on a TFP shoot and this MUST be respected at all times.

In some cases, a small payment may be agreed between members, for example a make up artist may ask for a token payment to replace the makeup if a lot is to be used but please remember that everyone has probably paid a lot of money toward getting these images, photographers have bought their equipment that could lead into thousands or pounds, models will have bought clothing and MUAs would have bought makeup. Most would travel to a venue so all have travel costs to pay for. 



Final Say:

The Admin on TFP Models have the ultimate discretion on what is deemed as acceptable content for the site, we reserve the right to terminate any membership at our sole discretion.

If you receive a warning please take this seriously and act upon it, we like to think we are fair and understanding people at TFP but we will not tolerate anybody who ignores our rules, if you do not like them, you are more than welcome to leave.

Any paid membership terminated due to going against the rules above will not be refunded.

We are always open for advice on how to make this site better but please note that this site does not generate a single penny profit for the owners of the site, it actually costs us money to run this site, we only do it for the love of helping create some amazing images.

Many thanks.