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Hi, welcome to the world of Time For Print :-)

Time for Print (TFP) or Time for images on a CD (TFCD) is basically a great way to create a portfolio for free or just have an amazing hobby for the fun of it. There is no money to be made for TFP images, it literally is a step up on into the modelling world or a step into the world of creativity. It is important you enjoy this experience and although we will not be held responsible for what happens on a photo shoot, we will endeavour to make it as fun experience as possible. 

Please check the forums or contact Admin for any advice .

Check out FAQ for rules and contact details.


Generally no. The idea of Time For Print is that everyone works for the final image to be put on their portfolio. If payment does change hands then this needs to be agreed up front, ie a make up artists might request a token payment to pay for the makeup being used, or someone who has to travel might need some travel expenses. Remember though that everyone taking part would have already had some cost involved, the photographer will have bought camera and lighting, model will have bought clothing, MUA would have bought makeup so adding to cost may be a bit unfair.

Note : if you are fully expecting payment for your services then you are on the wrong site.

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